What toys can you use to keep your dog safe and happy when left alone?

What toys can you use to keep your dog safe and happy when left alone?

No one likes to leave their furry friend at home, but sometimes we have to. We worry if they’re ok or if they’re bored, but what do they actually do while you're away? Do they tear the house up, do they couch surf, or do they sing to the birds through the window? While some dogs may be content to snooze the day away, many need extra stimulation to keep them happy. Here are some tactics and toys to keep your dog busy while you're gone.

Luckily for you, we’ve listed some ways and toys you can use to keep your dog busy while you're gone!

First, consider creating a special safe zone for your dog. Here, you can keep a few toys, treats, and pet comforts (excuse the pun). A baby gate is a great way to section off part of the house if you don’t want to spare an entire room for your dog.

We all love a lie down, so get an extra-cosy dog bed for them! The comfier, the better and more likely they will get some daytime rest in. We have a wide range of dog beds available on Duke and Milo, of different shapes, styles and sizes so we’re sure you can find a perfect one for your dog!

As a general tip, you can leave the radio or TV on when you go out. But make sure to shut the curtains on the traffic-facing side of your house and to leave them open on the quiet side so your dog can enjoy some wildlife viewing and sing with the birds.

A way to keep your dog calm in the day is to leave a fan on or by using a white noise machine to help cover up other noises. This should stop your dog from being startled by outside noises and unnecessarily barking.

A pet cam like the Petcube is a great way to keep an eye on them or talk to them through the day too, plus, you will miss them a little less!

Now, when it comes to toys, rotate them every few days to keep things fresh and interesting. There are many types of dog toys out there which will keep your dog entertained, and we’ve listed some of the best for you below:

Interactive toys are always a winner as they are sure to keep your dog entertained all day. Interactive play is important for your dog, so when you are around the house, you should try playing with balls, flying disks, and other such toys which foster a bond between you and your dog. However, when they are alone, an interactive toy will keep your dog focused on a specific task, allowing them to expend their pent-up mental and physical energy in a relatively short amount of time and space!

Our favourite type of interactive toys is of the puzzle variety. An interactive toy like the Active Training Wobbler dog puzzle is definitely going to keep them busy. These IQ training toys are very popular and for a valid reason, dogs love to solve puzzles and our range are tried and tested to keep them entertained.

For our DIY enthusiasts out there, why not build your own puzzle toy?! We know they’re the perfect way to keep dogs busy on long days, so if you’re feeling extra creative, make sure to involve some kind of hide-and-seek factor in whatever you end up designing. Just remember, no sharp edges please!

We also have some toys which combine a puzzle, with a snack. What better way to train your dog’s brain and reward them for being such a good boy?!
KONG toys are a classic choice, as you can fill the hollow toy with peanut butter, cream cheese or dog treats. For an extra challenge, keep it in the freezer overnight and leave it with them when you leave so they can spend the day gnawing away. This toy is especially great if you have 
a dog that loves to mess things up as this will just take all of their attention away from your nice setees! Our Lickimat range you can also line with a spread or crushed treats, which are a perfect little challenge for them to lick at as and when they feel like.

Soft toys are perfect if your dog loves to nibble away. We’ve got the best set of plush toys available, and we say that because when your dog sees you eating your avocado toast in the morning and sipping on your bloody mary in the evening, they will no longer pester you for some as they can have their own! Take a look at our extensive plush toy range on our website, you won’t regret it!

Rope toys are excellent for serious chewers. They’re soft, but tough enough to let your dog gnaw away all day and never get bored. We think that the Baby Doll Rope Toy is a cute one for them, but our Rope Ball Toy Set is just as popular!
Just make sure to not leave rubber toys around your dog if they are an excessive chewer and left alone for the day.

Now most importantly, we want to help you keep your dog safe when left alone, so when choosing toys, consider your dog's size, activity level, and preferences. Avoid toys that are too small and can be easily swallowed or become lodged in your dog's throat. When you are around, supervise your dog's playtime with squeaky toys. Also, keep an eye out to avoid any toys that aren't considered "dog-proof”.

Discard toys when they start to break into pieces or are torn. Rawhide chew toys may pose choking hazards, so give them to your dog only when you can supervise them.

Teething puppies need durable nylon bones and rubber toys, while blind dogs can still enjoy toys with food odours or that make noises. Remember to rotate your dog's toys weekly and to provide them with a set of toys that each serve a variety of purposes.

With these tips, tricks and new toys, we are sure that your favourite little friend will stay busy, excited, and happy while you're away. They might even forget about how much they miss you, but that doesn’t sound so bad to us!

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