About Us

Welcome to Duke and Milo! Please excuse us whilst we momentarily take your attention away from our products to share a bit about our story:

We two best friends, just like Duke and Milo, noticed a scarcity of high-quality dog products on the UK market. Another thing that stood out, was that there wasn't much of a showcase for the brilliant products that are made by our local, British communities. And to be honest, we would rather support these businesses and help them grow, because we have seen just how good their stuff can be!

This led us down a long path of research to find the best pup-friendly items in the UK, which are not only of superb quality, but most are also good for the environment, sustainably produced and will support our local economies!

We wanted to provide a large variety of these items to our fellow dog lovers, which led to the birth of Duke and Milo in 2023.

We've handpicked every item available on our store, so we hope that you can see some of our fun personality in them too! After all, a happy dog means a happy home.

So in short, at Duke and Milo, we take pride in what we offer and we hope that you can see why too!

Thank you for choosing Duke and Milo as your trusted destination for all things dog-related. We've even got a few goodies for you as well!

Duke & Milo x

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