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Duke and Milo

Bomber Francis

Bomber Francis

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From The Painter's Wife, we welcome this beautiful two-layer dog coat, which is sure to keep your furry friend nice and snug in the cold rain.

This two-sided garment is our suggestion for cold rainy days. The outside technical fabric makes snow and rain slide, while the thermal liner inside keeps the dog’s body warm and dry at all times. The backtracks, made with 100% cotton, prevent any chafing and retain the heat.

Depending on the weather, simply reverse the coat and your dog will be ready to enjoy themselves outside. Better yet, you've suddenly got two more ways to style your dog!

All the dog models are wearing size 12.

Sizes available:

  • 25cm/10"
  • 30cm/12″
  • 35cm/14″
  • 40cm/16″
  • 45cm/18″
  • 50cm/20″
  • 55cm/22″

Composition & Care:

External: 87% PVC, 13% Polyester.
Internal: 100% Polyester

Machine wash at 30° maximum.
Do not use bleach.
Do not tumble dry.


For the correct size please measure your dog from the base of their neck to the base of their tail and around the widest part of their tummy, this is usually behind the back legs.

We'd always suggest sizing up if your dog is in-between sizes:

Coat Size Length (cm) Coat Size Length (in) Tummy Girth (Min-Max) Example Breed
25cm 10" 38cm - 46cm Toy Poodle
30cm 12" 42cm - 50cm Yorkshire Terrier
35cm 14" 46cm - 56cm Jack Russell
40cm 16" 52cm - 64cm King Charles
45cm 18" 56cm - 68cm Cocker Spaniel
50cm 20" 64cm - 72cm Border Collie
55cm 22" 68cm - 76cm Dalmatian
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