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Calm Balm

Calm Balm

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We understand the frustration and concern of having a nervous, “highly strung” dog which is exactly why you need the Calm Balm.

It is a unique safe treatment for anxiety and stress in dogs.

With its proprietary blend of essential oils, Calm Balm helps relax, calm and comfort anxious, reactive, over-tired, fearful and fractious dogs. Your pup with be peaceful and calm in no time!

Great for:

  • Difficulty settling at night
  • Separation anxiety
  • Car trips
  • Moving house
  • New people and pets
  • Loud noises
  • Phantom pregnancies

      This product is:

      • Lick-safe
      • Cruelty-free
      • Non-sedating
      • Suitable for puppies over 8 weeks
      • 100% Natural ingredients
      • Made in Great Britain

      Main ingredients:

      • Lavender: the Queen of relaxation, sleep and well-being
      • Mandarin: gently uplifts and instills confidence and positivity
      • Gentle base of olive wax and organic sunflower seed oil

        How to use:
        Swipe your finger across the top of the balm and apply to your dog's bedding or a comforting toy. The balm may stain certain fabrics so we recommend applying it to polyester fleece which washes out well, or a soft toy or piece of fabric specifically used for the Calm Balm.

        You can also massage a small amount of Calm Balm into your dog's paws or ears if they allow it.

        We recommend you introduce Calm Balm to your dog before it is needed to create a positive association. Make sure you and your dog are relaxed and the environment is quiet. Open the tin and simply allow your dog to come and sniff it, or apply a little to your finger-tips and present your fingers to your dog for inspection.

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