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Duke and Milo

Decorative Bichon Frise Candle

Decorative Bichon Frise Candle

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These super cute, round headed dogs are full of character. Curious and playful, they make lovely pets and these candle versions are certainly attention seeking like their real counterparts!

These candles are made with the highest quality pillar wax and use a natural, braided cotton wick. You can match these with your real doggy friend, your home decor or both!

Pillar Mould Soy is a blend of soy, refined beeswax, and paraffin wax – a combination of three different types of wax all with unique properties. This combination allows for a clean burn, a sweet honey fragrance and a beautiful range of colours which is sure to brighten your home.

Each candle is hand poured with love by a small business (and fellow dog lover) in County Durham.

Available in: Off-White / Cream, Beige, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, Black

Dimensions & Weight:
Height 10.5cm, Depth 10cm, width 6.5cm
Weight approx: 140g

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