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Duke and Milo

Decorative French Bulldog Candle

Decorative French Bulldog Candle

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French bulldogs, or ‘Frenchies’, are quirky little dogs who make great pets and companions. Loving and playful, they can be a bit on the naughty side but don’t worry, this candle has all the cuteness of a Frenchie but needs no training!

These candles are made with the highest quality pillar wax and use a natural, braided cotton wick. You can match these with your real doggy friend, your home decor or both!

Pillar Mould Soy is a blend of soy, refined beeswax, and paraffin wax – a combination of three different types of wax all with unique properties. This combination allows for a clean burn, a sweet honey fragrance and a beautiful range of colours which is sure to brighten your home.

Each candle is hand poured with love by a small business (and fellow dog lover) in County Durham.

Available in: Off-White / Cream, Beige, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, Black

Dimensions & Weight:
Height 10cm x Width 6cm x Depth 6.5cm
Weight approx: 110g

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