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Duke and Milo

Ear Cleanser

Ear Cleanser

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Friends, Canines, countrydogs, lend us your ears...

Perhaps this wasn't quite what Marc Antony had in mind, but while those ears are on loan why not give them a good clean? This all-natural cleanser soothes itching and can help to dissolve any excess trapped earwax which may be causing your pup some discomfort.

Natural lactic acid is combined with rosemary to produce an effective cleansing solution while lavender, zinc, and micro silver provide a calming antiseptic effect. For use as a preventative measure as well as in management of more acute cases, the cleanser is a powerful remedy for bacteria and fungus formation. 

Composition & Care:

Aqua, glycerin, lactic acid, lavandula angustifolia oil, coco-glucoside, potassium sorbate, polyglyceryl-4 caprate, sodium benzoate, silver (micronized), zinc sulfate sclerotium gum and rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil.

The ingredients are organic. This is a vegan product.

    How to use:
    Shake prior to use and apply once warmed to body temperature. In acute cases apply 1 – 2 times daily and then massage the outer ear exterior gently. The dog will shake out any dissolving contaminants themselves. Thereafter clean the ear carefully using a clean cloth or cotton balls.

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