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First Aid Box - Lila Loves It

First Aid Box - Lila Loves It

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Be prepared for whatever life throws your dog's way with this conveniently packed first aid box.

The pharmaceutical-grade first aid ointment and micro silver spray with aloe are perfect for treatment of those unavoidable cuts and scrapes that seem to happen out of nowhere.

Patch that pooch up with the gauze and dressings included in the kit so they can be back on their paws in no time.

The First Aid Box contains:

  • Organic First Aid wound ointment, 10 ml
  • Micro Silverspray, 30 ml
  • Gauze pads x3
  • Fixation bandage x2
  • Alcohol pads x2
  • Gauze
  • Paw bandage
  • Medical strips
  • Alcohol pads x2
  • Tick remover


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